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Alpha Card 12-04-2019

The Guardian is promoting its daily news podcast, Today in Focus, with an unusual marketing campaign urging viewers notto read its ads.

On the 8thApril, the paper began circulating the ads which state “Don’t read this poster. Listen to it”. 

Text taken from two episodes of Today in Focus has been incorporated into two posters, one on climate change and another on Brexit. Across each one there is a call to action, made unmissable in red font.

Both ads are running in key spots on the London Underground, with the intention of catching commuters and driving podcast listens during peak times. 

According to The Guardian, the Tube was selected as the point of publicity to allow commuters to listen in on important headlines rather than scroll through their social feeds or make awkward eye contact with the person opposite them.

Kate Davies, Head of Brand and Awareness at Guardian News and Media,said: “I am hugely proud of the concept behind this design, especially as it is one of the first times that we have taken campaign creative for Today in Focus beyond our own Guardian channels. 

We know people often listen to podcasts when they are on the move, so this felt like a natural next step in reaching potential new listeners during their commute to work, while also providing an impactful design for use in print and on social.”

The Today in Focus podcast launched in 2018, led by presenter Anushka Asthana, who examines a major news story by focusing on the expertise of both Guardian journalists and correspondents from around the world. 

This is just one print campaign that Alpha Card spotted this April and wanted to share with you. Don’t forget to check back next month to hear our thoughts about another campaign.

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