Is Print Part of Your Marketing Strategy? Here's Why it Should be



Online marketing methods have obvious benefits; they are, for example, easy to measure the effectiveness of, not to mention relatively inexpensive. However, that doesn’t mean that print marketing techniques should be completely overlooked. Here are several good reasons why they can, on the contrary, become surprisingly fundamental to your marketing strategy.


It’s not only online magazines you should be looking at


When an authoritative website publishes an article that includes a link to your company’s site, it can provide a valuable source of SEO juice, so to speak. You don’t get the same benefit when a print publication features a similar article about your firm, but that doesn’t mean this kind of marketing doesn’t have its own usefulness.


As Business 2 Community writer Sylvia Montgomery points out, getting suitable mentions in industry magazines and journals will boost your brand’s visibility and promote your expertise. Therefore, if there’s an opportunity to get favourable publicity in an online publication, it’s a good idea to try also getting into any print version that exists alongside it. Just make sure that the print periodicals you do get mentioned in are not only reputable, but also widely read by the kind of people you are seeking custom from.


Go direct… with your mail


Direct mailing is a technique that, over time, has lost popularity due to its often prohibitive financial expense compared to similar methods that are online- rather than print-based. However, if your rivals have decided to stop using it, you could take advantage by going in the exact opposite direction. After all, it would help you to stand out from the crowd, and there remains evidence that direct mailing can still be useful in its own way.


Indeed, you could find many recipients of your direct mail to find it more pleasingly personal than an email message that, however well-crafted it may be, could still come across like a blanket message sent with little thought to everyone on a lengthy mailing list. At Alpha Card, we can provide you with advertising cards that have that extra-personal touch – think a “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas” message to long-loyal customers.


Even neurological research demonstrates the effectiveness of print


Another reason why your print marketing efforts could go far is that, according to recent neurological research, your target customers could soak up the information you give them more effectively than they would were they to read it on a screen. Think about it: your digital advertising will likely be seen on a smartphone or tablet, which come with plenty of other features and information that can distract the user.


It’s not quite the same situation with print ads – as, according to the research we have just mentioned, readers pay more attention when consuming print content and, therefore, sustain their interest sufficiently to take in lengthier articles. This greater capacity is called deep reading, and it also encourages deep thinking. Therefore, your message can stay in the minds of your target customers longer when that message is in print form.

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