How to find inspiration in everyday advertising

Alpha Card 31-08-2017

Advertising can be complex and time-consuming. You can, of course, put together a basic advert and hope for the best, but the best way to get a return on your investment (ROI) is to optimise your advertising and choose tried, tested and innovative methods. We’ve rounded up four ways to find inspiration in everyday advertising for your next campaign.

Follow brands online

Social media has changed the way we communicate with brands – and in most cases, it's for the better. Make use of the internet and follow your favourite brands wherever you choose to hang out online, whether that's on Twitter, on a forum or a company blog.

Exposing yourself to different businesses and their advertising and promotional methods online will plant seeds and give you ideas for your next campaign. You may find a particular graphic appealing or the way a certain business tackles online video. Look far and wide, and follow as many brands as possible to get a wide scope and opportunities for inspiration.

Look offline

When you think of advertising and marketing, the chances are that the internet comes to mind almost immediately. However, for small and large businesses, offline marketing can prove equally as effective. Look offline and see what other businesses are doing. Analyse leaflets and flyers that come through the door, look at billboards and see what colleagues and contemporaries are doing at networking events and exhibitions, and you may just find something that works for you. Our S Cards, for example, are a popular choice for business owners and provide a unique and memorable alternative to business cards and leaflets.

Change your perspective

A good marketer can look outside of the box and see brands, advertising and promotional literature through a different pair of eyes. Try to challenge your approach to viewing media and advertising – deconstruct the meaning behind the messages, the colours used and the reasons why the brand wants to represent themselves in this manner. This piece from Momentum Marketing on how marketers think compared to consumers will prove useful.

Read blogs

Marketing and advertising blogs help you to understand the meaning behind campaigns, the budgets and the companies behind them. Advertising Age, Digiday and Campaign are three of the most popular websites to add to your bookmarks, all offering news on the creative industry, campaigns from high-profile companies, and advice on how to market and advertise your own business. Subscribe to these websites, and you'll be sure to stay at the top of your game and enter the boardroom with fresh ideas every week.

Imagine your brand in the spotlight

When you see a particular advertising campaign that you like, try to imagine your brand in the spotlight. What would you change, how would your customers react and how would the campaign change your business and customer base? Get to the bottom of campaigns by putting them in your shoes, and you'll soon be able to find success in advertising.

There you have it – four great ways to find inspiration in everyday advertising. The truth is that we all take hints and ideas from the media we consume, so the key is to consume as much as possible to get the best possible ideas for advertising your brand. Good luck.

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