Alpha Card are proud to say that all of our products are made in Britain


Here at Alpha Card we are happy to actively promote that our products are made in Britain, but how important is this fact to consumers?


We live in a rapidly shrinking world. Communications and the interconnectivity of world trade have given rise to a global economy. While it has certainly created opportunities, globalisation also puts pressure on businesses to outsource and move jobs overseas to cut costs.


So why is it important to buy British or to support British industry? Well there is the obvious answer, which is to invest in your local domestic economy with a view to circulating the domestic wealth and defending British jobs. There is also a question of quality. Britain is a proud manufacturing nation with a history of manufacturing industry. Taking responsibility for the environmental impact of our own consumption and the pride of ownership and pride in British capabilities are also compelling factors.


The truth of the matter is that if the quality is good and the price is right then the obvious choice is to buy British. It makes us feel good to think that we have made a contribution to our domestic ecomony and that we have invested in home grown opportunities for us and our children.


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