Advantages of using print marketing in a digital age


It is tempting to think that, with the Internet and, alongside it, digital marketing strategies having flourished in the last two decades, print marketing must, by now, be something of a dinosaur. However, this is not actually borne out by close inspection of the facts. Print marketing is continuing to reap success for many businesses, and here are several good reasons why.


A reputation less tarnished by spammers and scammers


Though the immediacy of the Internet makes it wonderfully easy to produce and deliver a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, this same immediacy can sometimes prove a double-edged sword. For example, the Internet can be too easily used by shameless spammers and scammers, and the rising prominence of both online has damaged the reputation of digital marketing. Both targets of advertising and marketers themselves can too easily get scammed online.


However, relatively little such tarnishing has occurred to the image of print marketing, which means that it could lead many of your potential customers to perceive your company as more professional and trustworthy than the competition.


A more tried-and-tested marketing procedure


The huge variety of digital marketing methods available has also proved a somewhat mixed blessing for many marketers, as so many of the methods have not been widely used long enough for their long term effectiveness to be reliably measured. This can make digital marketing a riskier endeavour, whereas print marketing has a much longer history and is therefore also easier to predict the results of. This is attractive for more cash-strapped businesses seeking high return on their investment.


Target customers over 30 can be more receptive


The techy young generation, with their iPhones, Facebook and Twitter profiles and super-powerful games consoles, can be very receptive to digital marketing. Many people aged over 30, however, can prefer the comforting familiarity of advertising cards and other forms of print marketing. With these people, even relatively modern forms of this marketing, like folding Z cards, can be well received.


It can be used in tandem with digital marketing


Despite the drawbacks of digital marketing that we have mentioned here, it is crucial not to overlook its very genuine advantages. So, which should you favour - print or digital marketing? Really, that's not a question you should even ask yourself. There's no reason why you should opt for just one or the other; on the contrary, you can use elements of both to surprisingly sparkling effect!

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