Spotted in December

Alpha Card 28-12-2018

Every Christmas, we are bombarded with festive ads from all of the major retailers around the country – with supermarkets being some of the worst offenders. 


In the run-up to Christmas this year, one supermarket in particular has taken a swipe at another with its jovial campaign. 


First, it was John Lewis’ Elton John ad that fell victim to their wit (It’s a Lidl bit funny…), but now, with their tongue-in-cheek outdoor ads, the retail giant has lashed out at Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.


One version of the ad shows an image of Lidl’s award-winning mince pies plastered across Marks & Spencer’s well-known slogan “These aren’t just any mince pies. These are M&S mince pies.”


To worsen the blow, the phrase “And they’re over a pound cheaper” is also emblazoned across it. 


The second version claims Lidl’s Christmas pudding is “matured even longer and much cheaper” than Waitrose’s, with another product image half-covering their rival’s. 


The light-hearted campaigns aim is to remind consumers that “Only at Lidl can they get better quality Christmas food at the lowest price possible.”


The sabotaged ads will run in close proximity to both Marks & Spencer and Waitrose stores across the country until Christmas Eve.


Lidl UK’s Commercial Director, Ryan McDonnell,said: “Our Deluxe range offers customers the best value and quality in the market and these ads are all about us getting that message out there.”


“Shopping anywhere else means that customers are paying more than they need to for great Christmas products… Our premium range means customers can really upgrade their Christmas this year, without a hefty shopping bill.”


This is just one print campaign that the team here at Alpha Card spotted this month and wanted to share with you. Don’t forget to check back in January to hear our thoughts about another campaign.


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