Alpha Card 15-05-2019

As part of mental health awareness month we wanted to do our part in raising awareness of how you could help anyone that may be struggling with their mental health. 

Mental Health has become such an important issue in recent years. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 and male suicides contribute to three quarters of the total number of suicides in the UK each year. The total number of suicides in the UK each year is over 5500, and MP’s have expressed concern over the rising number each year. It is so important to help as many people as we can if we think that they may be struggling with their mental health. You could save a life, just by opening up to someone. 

We were very proud to be part of a very important campaign in recent months helping in the fight to prevent suicide. Barnsley Council introduced the #AlrightPal? Campaign in 2017. The idea behind the campaign is to raise awareness and to help people recognise the symptoms when somebody might be struggling with their mental health, in turn helping to reduce the number of suicides happening each year. The campaign encourages people to talk to anyone who they think may need some extra support, whether that be a friend, colleague, a member of your family or even somebody you don’t know too well, and gives advice on contacts who can offer support to those in need. 

As part of the campaign we were asked to produce an Alpha Infinity Card that raises awareness of the scheme. The Infinity Card houses details of who to contact if you think somebody you know is struggling and may need some extra support. Our Alpha Infinity Card was the perfect product to reach out to people with this campaign. With it being such an important topic, it was important that the product would grab the attention of audiences straight away and engage them so as to communicate the important details inside the card, and the infinity card certainly does this with it’s creative format. 

 If you know somebody who you think may need that little bit of extra support with their mental health you can get help by getting in touch with any of the following: 

-You can visit barnsley.gov.uk/AlrightPal 

-Freephone Samaritans on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org

-Freephone the NHS on 111

The idea behind the ‘hashtag’ in #AlrightPal? is to open up the campaign on social media, showing people that they shouldn’t feel embarrassed talking about the topic and that they can feel comfortable and supported discussing their feelings with others.

Research shows that the number of suicides amongst men is higher than it is amongst women and so although the campaign was created to include everyone, Barnsley Council wanted to get the word out especially amongst the male members of the community to show that we need to start talking about suicide and mental health. In order to do this the council got in touch with barbers around the area who were absolutely delighted to be involved in such a great cause and so they put up posters in their shops raising awareness. 

Just like your physical health your mental health needs looking after too, Barnsley Council have offered tips on how to make sure your own mental health is taken care of. You can find these at https://www.barnsley.gov.uk/services/health-and-wellbeing/suicide-prevention/

Could you use an Alpha Card to spread the word of your campaign? Visit https://www.alpha-cards.com/en/products

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