Spotted in November

Alpha Card 28-11-2018

Earlier this month, South Korean tech mogul Samsung launched a simple yet innovative campaign to promote its new Upgrade Programme. 


The ad shows an empty hand “clutching” a non-existent phone on a plain black background, inviting potential customers to imagine what their new purchase could be, rather than being told what it should be.


It reads: “Get the phones we can’t show you yet. Join the Samsung Upgrade Programme and get our latest phones every 12 months, while spreading the cost over 24 monthly instalments.”      


The programme allows a Samsung mobile customer to upgrade to the newest, top-of-the-range model in just one year’s time if they join.


The print ad integrates effectively with the tech giant’s digital presence, where it sits as the main feature of the Samsung Upgrade Programme arm of the website, with an additional link allowing existing customers to check their upgrade status and due date.


The campaign’s primary aim is to encourage both existing and potential customers to think of the range of possibilities and choice available to them once their mobile phone contract is up. 


As desirable as new phones and other electronic items are, there is rarely an element that sets them apart visually. Samsung has played on this fact by not releasing another image of a slab of black glass.


Instead of taking the usual hard-sell approach that many phone companies and networks do, Samsung has focused more on the user, their needs and their loyalty – rather than the product itself. 


This clever campaign is helping to push the idea that brands need to become more consumer-focused and offer choice as well as advice. Well done Samsung!


This is just one print campaign that we spotted during November that we believed was worth talking about. Don’t forget to check back next month to hear our thoughts about another recent campaign.


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