Spotted In July

Alpha Card 24-09-2018

The kick-off of the Premier League has reminded us of the event of the Summer: The World Cup.

In the wake of this historic event [for England anyway!], a wide range of innovative ad campaigns have caught the attention of audiences across the world. And while there are plenty to highlight for our monthly ‘Spotted...’ blog, one really stood out for the Alpha Card team.

A stark campaign was launched in the run-up to the Semi-Finals by The National Centre for Domestic Abuse. They introduced an arresting set of posters as part of their 'If England Get Beaten, So Will She' campaign.

The posters, ranging from a bloody nose drawn into the St Georges Flag to a bruised eye in the colours of the France flag, provided an eye-opening insight into domestic abuse.

With the stakes so high for the game, shocking reports have shown that many have turned their viewing anxiety into violence, taking out their sporting stresses on their loved ones. Astonishingly, domestic violence reports increased by 26% when England win and a further 38% when they lose, compared to when England don’t play a match.

It’s severely upsetting to consider that the kick of a ball can lead to such conflict. The good news, however, is the fact that the public made a real effort to spread the NCDV’s message. The posters have been shared across social media and printed within cities across the globe, with countries such as Switzerland, Japan and Belgium also targetted.

Despite being an upsetting campaign to spot for our monthly blog, it's a great example of how advertising can make a real impact in doing good for the world, improving lives while spreading an important message.

To find out more about the campaign and NCDV, please visit:

Alpha Card is proud to work with Behind Closed Doors, a charity supporting men and women in the Leeds district who have or are, experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

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