Spotted In June

Alpha Card 13-07-2018


To continue our new ‘spotted in….’ series, we bring to you Coca Cola’s ‘taking action on sugar’ ads, making a bold statement on billboards and newspapers across the UK.

Responding to the recent crackdown on sugar, resulting sugar taxes and inevitable hike in cost, the company mixed their bold branding with an important promise to all consumers of the Coca Cola brand. The simple, white title is immediately eye-catching against the red background, and is a message that will spark interest in their audience.

Below a simple shot of their product is a small paragraph comprised of facts and promises. There is no doubt that this will resonate and keep their customers on board as pricing changes have come into play.

This is a great example of a company utilising print advertising to engage customers, demonstrating how they’re working to improve their company without losing consumer trust.

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