Monzo – the Digital Bank Exploiting the Power of Print

Alpha Card 28-04-2017

Monzo Bank are a relatively new face in the world of banking, making big waves in the digital scene. They operate entirely digitally and offer innovative and convenient ways for customers to manage their finances via their mobile app. Track your purchases, set budgets, and freeze your card temporarily if you misplace it, all via your phone. Monzo are using ambition and innovation to challenge traditional banking.

One such innovation was the #OldStreetMonzo campaign in December 2016. Old Street had been Monzo’s home since their very beginnings back in 2015, and Monzo had grown to love the unique shopping destinations it hosted. Eager to engage their customers and give something back, Monzo kicked off their first ever shopping event. For a week in December, Monzo collaborated with 13 local businesses to give users special deals and prize draws from the various local establishments.

What could Monzo have used to get local users to fully engage with the event? Why, an impactful z-fold Alpha Card, of course! The compact, retainable, and engaging nature of the z-folding Alpha Card makes it an ideal cross-media tool to bridge the gap between digital and print marketing and help maximise the effectiveness of both.

With a detailed map of the local area and the deals of all 13 shops listed, customers were given the engaging and retainable tool necessary to fully immerse themselves in Monzo’s December shopping event. Users eagerly took to Twitter to show off their deals and z-fold Alpha Cards as they explored everything #OldStreetMonzo had to offer.

When an already customer-focused brand gives its user base an exciting opportunity like this, it’s impossible for people not to be engaged and become invested with the company. To use physically engaging marketing tools to complement innovative online marketing services whilst working with local businesses was inspired and an amazing example of a company utilising multiple areas of the marketing mix.

We love seeing companies use innovation and collaboration with local businesses to make their marketing campaigns thrive. Monzo are truly a champion of #creatingengagement and we’re proud to have worked with them.

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