3 Quick Ways to Refresh your Print Marketing Campaign for the Summer


For many of us, there's always something that feels genuinely special about summer. Sometimes, it can be just due to the kind of warm weather that we're not exactly used to in this part of the world; occasionally, it can be because there's always a super-exciting new superhero film at the cinema. You can capitalise on the typical fun of summer by carefully adjusting your print marketing strategy – and here are just three ways in which you can do that in little time and with little fuss.


Give your print marketing campaign a summer theme


For marketing techniques that are already working well and could perhaps just do with a little tweak to prevent them from growing stale, we would definitely recommend giving them a summery makeover. As far as print marketing is concerned, we don't just mean putting the occasional picture of the sun or a beach on your advertising cards; we mean stuff a bit more, well, practical...


Let's assume, for example, that you like to hand out Z fold cards promoting your small, independent café. For summer, you could use those cards to promote timely treats you're offering – like inventive ice creams for keeping customers cool in the sweltering sun, or perhaps pineapple, banana and coconut smoothies for adding to their feeling that, at least for a few months, they are relaxing in Hawaii.


Take advantage of exciting events taking place this summer


The warm summer weather can lure out even many people who usually prefer to stay, hermit-like, in their own homes for much of the year. This can be beneficial for you – as it means that, should you use advertising cards to spread the word about some unique events that your company is holding during these warmer months, you could be likelier to get a favourable response.


However, though hosting events like music gigs or book signings can go down well, there's also the possibility of participating in events arranged by other people or companies. So, you could – provided that you have permission – go along to a popular music or comedy festival and hand out advertising cards there. Be careful with what size cards you distribute; you might find that fairly big cards, like our Handy Alpha Cards, are best if you've got a lot to promote.


Advertise some new products being offered only for summer


We mentioned earlier how you could advertise some products that would be especially appealing to people during the year's warmest season. However, you could go even further by advertising products the availability period of which is limited to summer. This works because, at other times of the year, people will look forward to them. Alternatively, you could slap some special, summer-exclusive discounts to products that you have to offer right throughout the year. You could likely easily promote such discounts even on the smallest cards that we offer, the Mini Alpha Cards.

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