Finishing Options

There isn’t much you can’t achieve with an Alpha Card. We have many options available including:

Flow Wrapping

Enclosing your Alpha Card within a sealed plastic wrap which can be food grade if required. Ideal for tip in or uses such as take away menus to drop in with food products.

Lenticular Covers

Used to create a 3-D effect to give your images depth, this clever printing technology can give your images the appearance of moving.

Oyster Wallets

The Credit Card sized cover with one of its many insert permutations is perfect for slipping into an Oyster Wallet to accompany a rail card, membership card or any other card to suit your application.

Perforated Panels

Ideal for creating tear offs for vouchers or response mechanisms. These lend themselves to our 2 row K format products but can be used on Z folded inners as well. We can even create perforated extended covers for tear off too.


Using clear plastic discs to hold your Alpha Card closed. Ideal for mailing or magazine tip in, the discs can be permanent or peelable and can be supplied with or without a perforation for ease of opening.