We can now offer Antimicrobial finishes to the covers of our z-fold and Infinity folding cards, these are available as a laminate or UV varnish in gloss or matt and offer long-lasting and effective antimicrobial protection against a range of bacteria. The coatings achieve a reduction in Antibacterial activity in excess of 99% based on ISO 22196 and have been tested under an internationally recognised Test Protocol (JIS L 1902) which is key for testing non-migrating antimicrobial technologies.
Bacteria from the skin or air moves onto surfaces and, although this is not generally an issue for printed matter, for those wanting additional reassurance our new antimicrobial coatings and laminates provide this. Using silver as their key active ingredient to attack the bacteria the silver particles attack the bacteria in 3 ways:

  • Ruptures the bacterial cell membrane.
  • Immobilises the bacteria by depleting oxygen.
  • Destroys the reproductive receptor.

Silver ion generation happens only when the silver is in contact with bacteria. Silver is used extensively in medical treatments and relative to non-silver based antimicrobials the silver based products offer a number of advantages:

  • Water, not solvent, based materials; silver is natural and sustainable.
  • Low MIC (minimum inhibition concentration –the level at which a material becomes effective against microbes).
  • Widespread usage over a long period can mean some non-silver materials allow bacteria to develop resistance (for example: Triclosan). Silver doesn’t.
  • Superior durability.

Our Antimicrobial coatings have very low ion emission so it remains on printed substrates forever and does not leach on to skin.

To place or talk through an order, please contact us on sales@alpha-cards.com.