Using QR codes & other digital marketing tools to enhance your print marketing


Once you know what a QR code looks like, you are unlikely to struggle to spot one in many different situations. Though the recent proliferation of these distinctive little barcodes are certainly reflective of an increasingly digital world, they and other digital marketing tools aren't heralding the decline of print marketing - in fact, it could be quite the contrary. Here, we explain more about why.


So much can be squeezed into one little barcode...


As useful as advertising cards are, they are also limited in terms of how much information you can put on them. In fact, too much information on such a card could even deter a potential customer from paying too much attention to it. However, they can prove gateways to a huge stash of enticing information with the simple placing of a QR code.


That's because a QR code can be easily scanned through the camera of a smartphone using an appropriate app, before that device brings up a webpage or other web content that can get the user excited about the business. This content could include coupons, giveaways, video clips... you might already be devising a few more great ideas of your own.


Treat QR codes as, ultimately, a means to an end


Indeed, key to the appeal of QR codes for promotional purposes is that they can be so easy and fun for  a variety of people to recognise and then scan. This can make it less arduous for your business to catch the attention of people who might have otherwise been too time-strapped to pay much immediate attention to any advertising cards you offer them.


However, QR codes can be especially effective if you treat these little monochrome boxes more as bait than as the centrepiece of your marketing efforts. The call-to-action accompanying the code is especially crucial here. Imagine, to cite a few examples, advertising that, by scanning this code, the user can get their hands on a wealth of coupons to spend on products or services offered by your business, or maybe even that they could download a humorous video or mobile game.


That little black-and-white box is just the beginning...


Of course, whatever exactly you are offering to anyone who scans the code, it has to be itself a well-built form of digital marketing that encourages the curious user to become a paying customer. This is something that further warrants long and serious thought.

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