Steps to Create the Perfect Business Card


It's crucial not to underestimate how much a good business card can help your company to flourish; it has previously been found that, for every 2,000 cards a company hands out, its sales can increase by as much as 2.5%. That's an impressive rise from just one marketing technique! However, 88% of cards can be thrown out within a week. With an immaculate design for your business cards, you can encourage people to keep hold of them for longer and so boost the promotional potential.

Consider what information should go on the card

You might think that what information should be displayed on your card is surely obvious. However, some people can surprisingly leave out some vital stuff on their business cards. For example, some cards can completely lack a staff name. This is a silly omission, because many people want to get in touch with an actual person, not someone who is fairly anonymous. Therefore, we would urge you to put in a name and job title for a relevant person at your company.

Other details that you should consider essential for inclusion include the company's name, address, phone number, email address and website address. It is worth repeating how crucial it is to include these details, as you don't want to end up paying for loads of cards to be reprinted in the event that you have failed to heed this advice. If someone with your card decides that they want to contact you, you certainly don't want to leave any obstacles in their path.

Make sure that your firm's name and brand are emphasised

You want anyone which picks up your card to trust not only the individual whose details are on the card, but also the brand that this individual represents. One way of encouraging this trust is by placing strong emphasis on the company's name and branding in the design.

This is more than just a matter of displaying the firm's logo prominently, though this can obviously help. Branding includes not just a logo, but also a colour scheme; therefore, whatever typography and colours your company already uses throughout its publicity materials, you should extend this visual branding to the card, too. Remember that the card should represent your company's personality, not yours.

A final point well worth keeping in mind

A major advantage of arranging for us to provide your business cards is that, as the cards can be extensively unfolded to reveal far more information than you could fit on the visible parts of the card when it is folded up, you don't have to worry as much about having to leave out particular details.

However, keeping in mind the earlier cited statistic about business cards being typically discarded in less than a week, you still need to think carefully about what goes on those visible parts of the folded-up card. After all, place the wrong details on those parts, and many people might not even unfold the card to see what else you want to tell them.

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