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Alpha Card 11-06-2018

Here at Alpha Card, we love innovative ad campaigns; something that catches the eye and engages the reader. After all, it's what we do: create engagement.

Every month we will highlight a print ad that has jumped out at us, whether controversial, funny or just down-right fantastic.

Over the last few weeks we have been keeping an eye out for another creative piece of print work and what we've found is a series of delightfully witty outdoor billboard-ads from streaming service, Spotify.

As part of the brand's largest marketing campaign to date, Spotify released colourful billboards to promote its ad-supported free streaming service which has been redesigned to let users listen to songs on demand, skip songs and discover new music.

The company announced the changes to its free music tier in April and has used these out-of-home ads – along with two brilliant mini-movies and 'Match Instantly' adverts – to demonstrate that users now have the freedom to listen to all the songs they love and celebrate the personal connection people have with the music they listen to.

The 'Love What You Love' campaign uses the titles and album artwork of songs such as Demi Lovato's 'Cool for the Summer' along with creative slogans to describe what different people are looking for in relationships. For example, 'The free app for people who aren't looking for anything serious.'

While the ads play with humour and use bold graphics to stand out from the crowd, the message is important and will, no doubt, resonate with people globally – that music is personal and emotional and has the power to speak to people in different ways.

This is a fantastic example of printed adverts not only making an impact but working alongside digital advertising to reach a huge audience. Don't forget to check back in next month to find out what we've spotted in June!

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