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Alpha Card 28-01-2019

HSBC has released a new iteration of its “Together We Thrive” campaign which first launched a year ago, ahead of Britain’s departure from the European Union. 


Like before, the new ad continues toportray an important message about the “inherently international” nature of the British character. 


The copy-led print executions, which feature in cities across the UK, consist of a series of uniting statements which demonstrate each location’s specific qualities and traits that have helped them to thrive.


The “We are Not an Island” outdoor and print campaign quotes the same script as the “Global Citizen” TV ad that comedian Richard Ayoade fronted in December 2017.


It includes an original template, as well as four city-specific versions that celebrate the residents of London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.


HSBC aimed to reach a target audience of “open-minded, optimistic and forward thinking” people, reminding them that as global citizens, we are part of something bigger.


The campaign touches on elements of British life that the rest of the world has had an influence on. In HSBC’s words: “What makes us quintessentially British also makes us inescapably international”.


Leed's creative reads: "You're cut from a different cloth. A mill town, turned city of a thousand trades and still marching on together. You gave film to the World, fish and chips to the masses and predicted a riot, as a starter for ten. Never a wannabe, you always go for gold. From the best festival of our teens to carnival, the Otley run an' all. You're not an Island. You're part of something far far bigger, the fabric of the Nation."


This is just one print campaign that Alpha Card spotted this January and wanted to share with you. Don’t forget to check back next month to hear our thoughts about another campaign.


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