Q.R. Codes - blending your online and offline communcations


You’ve probably noticed the little ‘barcode’ like symbols appearing more and more on the things around you. Once you’ve noticed one, you start to see hundreds! You can see them on everything from posters and billboards, food packaging, TV advertisements, bus shelters and so on.


So what are they and what are they for?


Well they are called Q.R. (Quick Response) codes. These ingenious symbols add a digital dimension to physical objects, encoding complicated URLs that users would never attempt to key by hand, whisking them away to any Web destination the marketer chooses. They can be scanned using your mobile phone and the Q.R. code will redirect you to the specified online content such as a web site, a video, a PDF document or anything else that can be displayed online.


Q.R. codes can easily be generated using free online software and applied to printed materials. The apps to scan the codes are also free for mobile device users, although some of the larger brands such as retailers, create their own branded scanner apps.


Q.R. codes are a perfect device to use to integrate your online and offline marketing tools. At Alpha Card, we are finding that more and more of our customers are including Q.R. codes on the Alpha Card products as a method to synergize media tools.


Have a look at some of these examples below.Main_image


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