Our Top 5 Print Design Trends


If you're indecisive about what designs to choose for advertising cards from Alpha Card, you don't have to look far for inspiration. Recent months have seen some very particular design practices rise to prominence, but which have been the most interesting? Here's our own verdict - consider how you could cleverly adopt some of these trends...


Minimalist logos

Creative Bloq has cited two particular types of minimalist logo design that it expects to become more common during 2016. One is monoline, which can use iconography to tap into the popularity of emojis and memes; the other is use of wordmarks, which are complete, self-contained, and good for boosting brand recognition over a period of many years. Google is one example of a company that uses a well-known wordmark.


Flat designs

Less is more, as the familiar saying goes - and it can definitely be true in the case of design. Flat designs, like those favoured by Microsoft for their various product logos, have the benefits of looking good and loading quickly on websites on a variety of mobile devices. Therefore, choosing flat designs for your print material, too, could help you to effectively co-ordinate your print and digital marketing campaigns.


Custom type

Apple debuted a whole new typeface, called San Francisco, for the Apple Watch, before bringing it to its iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan operating systems. The Bookerly typeface introduced for Amazon Kindle devices and the Product Sans font used for the Google logo that was refreshed in September are also good examples of less familiar and standard typefaces rising to great visual prominence.


The 'handmade' look

These days, a lot of designs don't immediately look like they were made on a computer - even when they have been! Some logos and text you see on print materials can look highly reminiscent of calligraphy or hand lettering, for example. These design techniques can add extra personality and elegance to what could otherwise seem rather soulless looks.


Back to the... past

Vintage designs, like 'handmade' designs, can look classy; however, unlike 'handmade' designs, they can often look elaborate, too. Using such a design could also have the effect of giving the impression that your business has been around for much longer than it actually has been - and this could boost the prestige of your company's image.

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