Nifty Compact Media Cards


Nifty…….that’s a great word isn’t it? It conjures up all sorts of other descriptive words in my mind like “quick”, “efficient”, “neat” and “smart”. I decided to look up the actual definition of the word ‘nifty’ and it said,


Adjective: Particularly good, skillful, or effective: “nifty footwork; “ nifty little gadget”.


I rather like this definition.


Me and my colleagues have noticed that a number of our customers use the word ‘nifty’ to describe our Compact Media product. The term is frequently used when we make follow up calls to people after they have received samples of the product.


I think that if you have never seen or handled the product, it can sometimes be difficult to envisage how it could be used. On the other hand those people that have seen and handled the product seem to be inspired by it and can see a variety of uses for the card. This is particularly true when we explain to the client that can have a wide variety of finishes on the product. This can include everything from die cut covers, special finishes, use of special materials and so on. We can be as imaginative as you can be. We can find a way to produce whatever it is you want.


So here are some ideas for using our ‘nifty’ compact media cards: They can:


be attached to a lanyard (great for exhibitions, events and festivals), include a fridge magnet (travel timetables, calendars, collections schedules), be different sizes (great for product guides, theme parks and attractions, health and safety guides), have different shaped covers (footballs, tee shirts, cans, bottles, stars, serrated edges, square, oblong, etc), can form part of a postcard to be mailed out, have holographic images, a metallic finish, a matt or gloss finish, fit easily into a purse, wallet or pocket (for awareness campaigns, first aid information, campus maps, off-shore guides)…..


If you can think of it, we can do it.

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