Majority of consumers prefer love letter over love text, research finds

Alpha Card 14-02-2019

Despite advances in technology, the majority of consumers will be sending a love letter instead of a love text this Valentine’s Day, according to new research by Alpha Card.  


The research, which surveyed 1,000 consumers between the ages of 18 – 65, revealed that a massive 40% of consumers plan on sending their loved ones a card this Valentine’s Day, compared to the 7% of consumers who plan of expressing their feelings via text message or WhatsApp.   


When questioned on whether they felt advancing technologies would replace traditional Valentine’s Cards, just one fifth of respondents felt that they would - with a convincing 48% of consumers advising they felt Valentine’s Day cards would remain an annual tradition despite digital growth.  


Katherine Fox, Operations Director for Alpha Card, explained: “In recent years we have experienced exponential growth in tech-based platforms, particularly when it comes to mobile phone usage, so our recent survey results were a welcome surprise; demonstrating that printed products, like Valentine’s Day cards, certainly have their place in showcasing true sentiment.” 


“This is, in fact, very much in line with the trends we have experienced with Alpha Card customers, where more and more firms, both large and small, are integrating printed materials with digital marketing campaigns in order to maximise reach and engagement with their stakeholders.” 


Other key take outs from the survey include: 


  • Just 8% of respondents would prefer to receive a love text over a love letter this Valentine’s Day, where 38% of these respondents were in fact female.  
  • Only one third of respondents advised that receiving correspondence from their loved one on Valentine’s Day is important to them; with a near split between male [43%] and female [57%]. 
  • Of those planning to send a text message to their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, 60% of the respondents were male. 


Alpha Card will be sending out both love letters and love emails this year, combining print and digital marketing to maximise marketing potential. This includes product samples with a valentine’s theme to clients, along with animated GIF emails offering a 15% discount to show their love for helping businesses increase engagement.  


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