How to spread the word about your new products and services

Alpha Card 04-01-2018

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for spreading awareness about your new product/service, we’ve got some top tips to getting everyone excited about your latest idea.

Social media

With the number of monthly Facebook users reaching 2.07 billion in the third quarter of 2017 and the number of monthly Twitter users reaching 330 million, where better to advertise your new product/service than on social media? A social media campaign, marketed in the right way, can make a big difference to a company’s awareness and can be successful on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Determine which social media sites are the most popular with your customers and target these. Make sure to post regularly, giving them information and engaging with them, to make advertising campaigns seem more natural and less like spam.

Make sure to follow the right people including those who are the most influential in your field. You can also offer influential social media presences free products in exchange for mentions or reviews or your product.


Creating a blog for your website allows you to post regular content on your site, giving your customers a reason to visit your site regularly. It is also a good idea to post guest posts on other relevant blogs as this will boost the organic traffic to your site. This is because, this creates ‘follow’ links back to your site, which improves your organic rankings on search engine results pages. Make sure to include a link to your product/service’s page. It is possible some sites will let you post on their blog for free, however, others will charge a fee. One way to avoid this is by offering to post a blog of theirs on your site if they post yours in return.

Paid search

Pay-per-click advertising on Google will improve awareness of your new produce or service and will boost traffic to your website. Sponsored social media posts will also improve traffic, and Facebook adverts allow you to target a specific demographic in a chosen area. You can also choose a daily budget you want to spend, and you will never have to pay more than this unless you increase your bid.

Press release

Share the news of your new product/service through a press release. These are generally around 500 words and can be published on press release sites and sent out via email.


Offer an inside look at your new product in a YouTube video and share it on your other social media platforms. Show someone using the product and explaining how it works. These are often more engaging than a press release and gives you the change to detail the product’s features and benefits.

Folding business cards

Online marketing is certainly powerful at the moment, but don’t underestimate a good business card. Folding business cards are particularly useful as they allow you to add far more information than a traditional business card and therefore you will have space to mention your new product/service.

Launch it at an event

Invite your target audience to an event you have advertised on Facebook and Twitter. Offer free samples and the opportunity to win your new product/service as an incentive to attend.

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