How effective are your communications....?


Despite the claims made by many over recent years, print and print media is proving to  be a popular and robust choice for businesses to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders. There is no question that there has been an explosion in online methods of communication but those at the forefront of customer engagement probably use both.

The most truly effective form of communications today is the blending of these types of media via use of bridging technologies like Q.R. codes. Quick Response codes are popping up (literally) all over the place these days things like billboards, POS, digital media displays and of course on Alpha Cards. The Q.R. code can take the user to the pre-programmed URL link much more quickly than they can type in the web address themselves.

Within seconds the user can watch an online preview of a lecture they want to see at an exibition whilst checking where the lecture hall venue is by looking at their printed media device which opens out to a much larger size then it would if they were trying to view it on a mobile device.

The challenge for the company promoting engagement across different media types is to ensure that both sets of content have synergy. They must also ensure that whether the content is print based or digital, it is interesting, stimulating and entertaining for the end user.AlphaQRblog

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