Digital Vs. Print: The Face Off

Alpha Card 03-04-2017

With smartphones, apps and the internet taking over virtually every aspect of our lives, you could be forgiven for thinking that print marketing is dead. There are, however, benefits to both digital and print marketing, and we've outlined the advantages of both below. In fact a product that helps to bridge the gap between the two would be a key piece of many a marketing and communications campaign extracting the benefits of both, read on…


The benefits of digital marketing

1.Social spreads like wildfire


Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for digital marketing is the fact that content and messages shared online appear to spread much more quickly than they would when using a traditional form of marketing. Plus, with social media automation services making it even easier to promote your brand online, social media makes sense.


2.It’s accountable and measurable

It's often tough to measure whether printed promotional material will offer a return on investment, whereas, with digital marketing, you can always see where your money has gone. Online advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords even break down things such as cost per click and conversion, so you always know exactly how much you'll be spending and where your money is going.

3.Online marketing is cheap


Spending money on traditional marketing methods like flyers and magazine adverts can be expensive, but online marketing takes a whole different approach. As well as online marketing techniques such as social and pay-per-click advertising, it’s possible to market your brand for free using content marketing and social media.

The benefits of print marketing

  1. It puts your brand in the hands, and in the case of our Z fold Alpha Cards the pockets, of customers


Being able to physically hold your brand in your hands is powerful – particularly during a time where everything is online. With the compact Z folding cards available to purchase through Alpha Card, you can give your customers a small piece of your business, which is undoubtedly memorable and allows you to compete alongside bigger companies and their world-famous brands. Creating engagement with your brand and content is more effective with tangible collateral perhaps explained by the old Chinese proverb, “tell me I will forget, show me I may remember, involve me I will understand”.


2.Your audience might not be online


Depending on the market in which you operate in, it could be possible that printed marketing materials are more effective. Putting a leaflet through the door of your customer or handing them one of your business cards could provide them with the information they need to convert into a customer – particularly if they're elderly or do not have access to an internet connection. Combining cross media technologies such as QR codes with content to encourage users to utilise digital channels against the background of retainable collateral.


  1. It helps your brand travel further    

A strong brand is important, but unless it’s noticed, there’s little point in spending money on expensive graphic design and web development. Printed material allows your brand to travel further – whether you’re at a conference and give a potential client a business card, or you put up posters around your local neighbourhood to promote an event you’re hosting, there’s something more authentic about seeing a brand in the flesh – without the pressure of being asked for a re-tweet!


There you have it – just some of the benefits of both digital and print marketing. As you can see from the points we have raised above, mixing both marketing methods together is the most efficient way of boosting your brand and expanding your company’s reach. The ability to retain the key information in a compact, portable and engaging format allows your marketing and communications content to last longer and generate greater levels of ROI by combining the benefits of digital and print. If you’re considering investing in print marketing for your business, rely on Alpha Card.

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