5 Creative Business Cards

Alpha Card 22-03-2017

With many of your company's target customers or clients likely to have very busy lives, it's vital for you to make a positive first impression. This can be especially the case if, like many of us, they have a tendency to politely accept business cards only to quickly discard or forget about them. Here are 5 examples of creative business cards; perhaps they could help you devise a truly quirky idea for an alternative business card that will stay in the minds of people your firm wants attention from.

Literally strip away that belly fat

If a fitness trainer told you that, with their help, you could strip away that unsightly excess fat on your stomach, you probably wouldn't expect them to then hand you a card with which you could do that rather literally. However, trainer Zohra Mouhetta has had such a card, as boredpanda notes. Here, a man's fat torso is shown in profile, but a perforated line means that the protruding belly can be torn off with ease. Perforated panels are among the finishing options that we offer.

How Lego builds excitement with a business card

Ever wondered how you would look as a Lego minifigure? Get a job at the Danish toy company and you might find out. Lego has used a business card featuring employees replicated as minifigures, Creative Bloq reports. With this card, Lego reportedly did what it could to match various employee features, including hair and accessories, with the Lego minifigure equivalents. On each figure, the individual's name and contact details were also printed.

The most fun tongue depressor we have yet seen

If you remember ever letting a medical professional examine your mouth and throat through use of a tongue depressor, you will know that it's something you agree to out of duty rather than due to the prospect of fun. However, the design studio Doctor Zamenhof, which depicts itself as a clinic aiming to "diagnose" design dilemmas, has extended this medical theme to business cards resembling tongue depressors. Still, they probably don't expect clients to actually put them in their mouths...

Read the top line? It's all Korean to me

We are all very familiar with the experience of an optician showing you a few rows of letters and asking you to read some of those rows out loud. Now, if your home country was South Korea and you decided to pay Myung Dong Opticians a visit, you could first test your own sight with the company's genius self-optometry business card. You can just position it a certain distance from your eyes and, well, say what you see - even if there isn't an optician right there to hear it.

A cute artistic touch

A simple but lovely idea: artist Elena Mirosedina has opted for a black business card that takes the shape of a palette and shows her name in red lettering which looks as though it has been rather hurriedly painted on with a brush. Contact details are then provided underneath in white.

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