Education Sector

Clients in schools, colleges and universities, both in the UK and abroad, are using Alpha Cards in both Infinity Card style and the classic Z Fold product in a variety of cover and insert formats to convey information for many uses. These can range from campus plans, through Freshers’ guides and library information to prospectuses. The compact and retainable format creates higher levels of engagement with the content.

One example is East Durham College who have changed the format of their prospectus to a Handy 6 x 3 Alpha Card with great success:

“We moved from a traditional full-time prospectus to an Alpha Card Pocket Guide last year and have been delighted with the results. Not only did we save thousands of pounds on time, graphic design and print, we have also seen a 20% increase in the number of applications from 16 year olds. The product looks great, the target market love it and it’s really convenient for the team to take out large quantities to events rather than heavy boxes of 100+ page brochures. So it’s been a win-win all round”.

Alistair Cummins-MacLeod

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

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