Alpha Card launches new branding

Alpha Card 26-03-2019

Why the re-brand?

A logo is the most recognisable feature of a company. Your branding will not make sales directly but it can ensure that you are identifiable and memorable and in today’s ever-growing world of new businesses, being identifiable is crucial. Firstly your logo should be clean, memorable, and be able to convey the message of your brand. Over time companies change, and it’s critical that your logo tells the right story for your company.

With the above in mind we thought that it was time for Alpha Card to have a refresh of its branding. Alpha Card has grown and evolved in so many ways since its launch in 2013. Not only do we have almost 15 years of expertise coupled with fantastic manufacturing product knowledge, we have recently been expanding geographically and we wanted our new logo to mirror this growth. 

How did we re-brand?

To start with we asked ourselves ‘What is our message?’. Our message has always been and will always be to help our clients ‘create engagement’ with their audiences. In taking this message we developed the logo to include cogs in the design.The cogs signify the engagement and ideas being created. For us it was a case of showing our development as a company, but also not forgetting where we started from. Therefore, we took the bright colours from our previous logo and incorporated them in a much sleeker, cleaner way.The colours show our fun, creative side and we always strive to keep our clients having as much fun with us as possible whilst producing their Alpha Cards. Our printing expertise are shown in the triangles, symbolising the most distinctive element of our products, the folded paper. 

It’s important to take current trends into account when designing a new logo, and to do your research on the types of designs that resonate with your audience. However it is also crucial that your re-design is not based entirely around current trends.We all know that trends come and go very quickly, and although you want your logo to seem fresh and on trend, your new logo needs to be able to move and grow with your business for a substantial amount of time before a new brand refresh may be considered. 

After the re-design of the logo, the new branding was taken through our various marketing channels and we planned how it could be communicated consistently throughout. From our social media pages down to our new business cards, our logo and branding was variated to suit each channel. It is very important that our new branding and logo is just as effective on our online channels as it is on our offline channels. 

We will be launching our new branding at the B2B Marketing Expo in London this week! Come and see us at stand 1972 on the 27thand 28th and see our brand new stand. You’ll also find out what you could win to give your business a boost!

Your thoughts

We’d love to know what you think about our new look. Get in touch with us through our social media pages or email us with your thoughts on the new logo at

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