Spotted in May...

Alpha Card 23-05-2019

Fast food chain McDonald’s teamed up with the Met Office to bring Spring’s unpredictable weather to life through a digital outdoor campaign.

Using real-time Met Office data, weather icons representing live temperatures and five-day forecasts are appearing...

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Alpha Card 15-05-2019

As part of mental health awareness month we wanted to do our part in raising awareness of how you could help anyone that may be struggling with their mental health. 

Mental Health has become such...

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Alpha Card committed to reducing environmental impact with FSC certified products

Alpha Card 22-04-2019

Did you know that Alpha Card prints every one of its products on FSC certified paper?

That’s right, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and only use recycled materials from forests...

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Spotted in April

Alpha Card 12-04-2019

The Guardian is promoting its daily news podcast, Today in Focus, with an unusual marketing campaign urging viewers notto read its ads.

On the 8thApril, the paper began circulating the ads which state “Don’t read this...

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Alpha Card launches new branding

Alpha Card 26-03-2019

Why the re-brand?

A logo is the most recognisable feature of a company. Your branding will not make sales directly but it can ensure that you are identifiable and memorable and in today’s ever-growing world...

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Spotted in March

Benjamin Wells Kerenza 18-03-2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, crisp brand, Stacy’s Pita Chips, temporarily re-designed its packaging with the help of a group of all female artists.

The US based company unveiled a range of beautifully designed...

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Alpha Card to exhibit at B2B Marketing Expo

Benjamin Wells Kerenza 13-03-2019

Alpha Card is excited to announce it will be exhibiting at this year’s B2B Marketing Expo, taking place at ExCeL London, on the 27thand 28thMarch 2019. 

As Europe’s leading B2B marketing event consisting of over...

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Spotted in February

Alpha Card 25-02-2019


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Majority of consumers prefer love letter over love text, research finds

Alpha Card 14-02-2019

Despite advances in technology, the majority of consumers will be sending a love letter instead of a love text this Valentine’s Day, according to new research by Alpha Card.  

The research, which surveyed 1,000 consumers between the...

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Alpha Card continues expansion with new team appointments

Alpha Card 28-01-2019

Alpha Card has continued to expand its global operation with the appointment of two new team members.

Tom Whitfield re-joined the UK Team as Alpha Card’s Finance Director, following 4 years’ of experience at a leading healthcare technology business, having...

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Celeb Spotted – Tanya Bardsley & Dani Dyer

Alpha Card 28-01-2019

We’ve once again had the pleasure of working with Tanya Bardo Boutique, producing a z-fold card to accompany her products upon purchase. A stylish cover makes the card eye-catching, whilst the insert of the card...

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Spotted in January

Alpha Card 28-01-2019

HSBC has released a new iteration of its “Together We Thrive” campaign which first launched a year ago, ahead of Britain’s departure from the European Union. 

Like before, the new ad continues toportray an important...

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Spotted in December

Alpha Card 28-12-2018

Every Christmas, we are bombarded with festive ads from all of the major retailers around the country – with supermarkets being some of the worst offenders. 

In the run-up to Christmas this year, one supermarket in particular has taken a...

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Spotted in November

Alpha Card 28-11-2018

Earlier this month, South Korean tech mogul Samsung launched a simple yet innovative campaign to promote its new Upgrade Programme. 

The ad shows an empty hand “clutching” a non-existent phone on a plain black background, inviting potential customers to imagine...

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Hydration in Education – what you need to know

Alpha Card 19-11-2018

Water is essential for life without question, it makes up more than half our body weight. The quantity and quality of the fluids we consume every day can have a major impact on our wellbeing...

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Spotted In September

Alpha Card 30-10-2018

In September, retail giant John Lewis took us all by surprise after relaunching its brands: John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners – gaining a new visual identity in the process.

As the first-ever...

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Spotted In August

Alpha Card 24-09-2018

The ending of the summer means only one thing for TV fans: Great British Bake Off. Despite the change in channel, producers and hosts, most of the country have stuck by the show, revelling in...

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Spotted In July

Alpha Card 24-09-2018

The kick-off of the Premier League has reminded us of the event of the Summer: The World Cup.

In the wake of this historic event [for England anyway!], a wide range of innovative ad campaigns have caught...

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Spotted In June

Alpha Card 13-07-2018

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Spotted in May

Alpha Card 11-06-2018

Here at Alpha Card, we love innovative ad campaigns; something that catches the eye and engages the reader. After all, it's what we do: create engagement.

Every month we will highlight a print ad that...

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Innovative Prospectus Captivates Students at East Durham College

Alpha Card 25-05-2018

One of the north east’s leading education establishments, East Durham College, has successfully engaged with potential applicants after joining forces with Alpha Card.   

Market leaders in the manufacture of Z folding cards and other marketing and communications products, Alpha Card successfully bridges the gap between the digital and conventional print worlds, offering an interactive way of displaying...

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Alpha Card Announces Acquisition of German Specialist Print Agency

Alpha Card 23-05-2018

Alpha Card is celebrating further growth following the acquisition of German specialist print agency, Card Media, just weeks after its expansion into the US.

Having worked with Munich based Card Media for a number of...

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Alpha Card Expands to the US Market

Alpha Card 04-05-2018

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How to spread the word about your new products and services

Alpha Card 04-01-2018

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How to know if you need to hire a creative content agency

Alpha Card 24-10-2017

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Is your content marketing the best it can be?

Alpha Card 22-09-2017

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How to find inspiration in everyday advertising

Alpha Card 31-08-2017

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6 tips for a successful business card design

Alpha Card 14-07-2017

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FSC vs. Recycled

Alpha Card 13-07-2017

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5 things you should include in your business leaflets

Alpha Card 23-05-2017

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Hoffenheim’s Success on and off the Field –Top of the League in Fan Engagement

Alpha Card 19-05-2017

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Monzo – the Digital Bank Exploiting the Power of Print

Alpha Card 28-04-2017

Monzo Bank are a relatively new face in the world of banking, making big waves in the digital scene. They operate entirely digitally and offer innovative and convenient ways for customers to...

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Digital Vs. Print: The Face Off

Alpha Card 03-04-2017

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5 Creative Business Cards

Alpha Card 22-03-2017

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The best print campaigns of the last year

Alpha Card 31-01-2017

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Die Top Karten-Design Ideen für Weihnachten


Weihnachten ist die Zeit um Freude zu schenken. Es gibt wohl kaum einen besseren Anlass, um auch innerhalb Ihres Unternehmens in eine festliche Weihnachtstimmung einzutauchen und unteranderem auch einige Karten mit fröhlichen Wünschen hinaus zu senden....

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Die Top-Marketing-Kampagnen von 2016


Als Anbieter und Spezialist von vielseitigen Z-Faltkarten, hauptsächlich gedacht für den Bereich Marketing. Wir wissen wie wichtig es ist in Promotion- und Werbekampagnen herauszustechen. Sie haben sich dieses Jahr bestimmt schon von der einen oder...

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3 Schnelle Möglichkeiten, um Ihre Print-Kampagne für den Sommer aufzufrischen


Für Marketing-Techniken, die bereits gut funktionieren und vielleicht nur eine kleine Optimierung brauchen um die Kampagne genau auf Ihr Idee anzupassen. Das bedeutet leider nicht, dass es mit einem typischen Bild der Sonne oder eines...

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Neujahrs Vorsätze: Wir helfen Ihnen bei Ihrem Print-Marketing


Zu Jahresbeginn ist die Zeit der vielen neuen Vorsätze. Es gibt keinen Grund, warum nicht auch Ihr Unternehmen als Ganzes seine eigenen Vorsätze entwickeln sollte. Vielleicht können wir bei der Zusammenstellung von verschiedenen Print-Marketing-Kampagnen helfen die...

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Der Schlüssel zu erfolgreichen visuellen Kommunikation: Der Inhalt wird genau abgestimmt und so entwickelt, um den Bedürfnissen der Benützer gerecht zu werden


User-generated content (UGC) beschreibt jegliche Form von Inhalten, die von den Verbrauchern erstellt wurden und in weiterer Folge öffentlich zugänglich gemacht werden. Es ist eine zunehmende populäre Methode der Kommunikation mit einer Reihe von überzeugenden...

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